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  • Update: After a lot of consultation with Sparkfun tech support I was able to trace the problem to a faulty oscilloscope that I was using. This sensor does, in fact, work when supplied with 3.3v. Just be sure that the power is clean because any sort of noise will trigger false alarms.

    Original comment: Despite what the product description says, this will NOT operate at 3.3v even if you bypass the regulator. The circuit needs a full 5v to operate, so you need to supply exactly 5v if the regulator is bypassed, and if not bypassed, you need to provide >7v. If the voltage is too low, it will constantly and randomly bring the alarm pin low, regardless of what the sensor sees.

  • Me too. I got the starter pack, but then I had to wait a month for the back ordered base block to arrive before I could update the firmware and make the Edison useful. I'm not sure what the console block is good for once you have wifi connectivity.

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