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  • This board is not reliable at all. I have had 4 of them fail on me over the course of 6 months. Tech support replaced 2 for me (one of which was DOA when I received it - and would not do so until I sent the boards back to Sparkfun for their testing, and then tried to say it was all my fault, DOA on arrival, no voltage from board - I don't think so). The others seem to fail after being in use from 2 weeks to 3 months. Only powering an Arduino PRO and an XBee so not anywhere near the current limit. Also made sure to watch the dual power input (batt and Arduino at same time - bad design that 2 diodes probably could solve). If you want stable power backup and control this board IS NOT the way to go. Just today lost another in a remote location so back to the drawing board to find something (anything) that is more bulletproof. DO NOT RECOMMEND if you want reliability. I still have 2 left but that is because they are still on the shelf.

  • So I guess when Visa gives away a credit card transaction (as they OFTEN advertise and state one has the CHANCE to get their purchase free during certain promotions), they are a bigger enterprise and therefore immune to these same "lottery" laws that lawyers will often target smaller companies because someone didn't get their "free day" and had to pay for their Sparkfun breadboard when they thought it should have been FREE.

    Maybe Sparkfun should give a "Discount Day" and offer a 10 or 15 percent discount for purchases and call it "Celebrating Free Day's of the Past." I know that way EVERYONE would win and I know personally it would be a great incentive to buy more on that day even if one didn't really need the purchase. Who can resist a SALE!

  • I see SFE has more important things to do than answer all the product questions. This would be a good item to use to put the UNO's and shields in "out in the field." BUT..would really like to know about the UV inhibitors. Must not have them if SFE won't answer. That would be a negative for the product. Also how about even putting a UNO inside one. Dorje's question was never answered and well as dbc's. Must not be good for outdoor use. Hey Robert -- how about doing an update on your post and maybe for us "builders" out here speck whether Arduino boards might fit inside. A bit of frustration out here as you can tell.. Oh well... back to Mouser I guess.

  • I doubt it for 95 cents.

  • Use these and get the RJ45 breakout board (BOB-00716). The big pins won't fit but snip them off and superglue the connector to the board and solder the pins and a header. Works GREAT to get RJ11 or 12 phone cable to the breadboard.

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