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  • 8MHz users rejoice! I was able to get the WT32 to communicate with an Arduino Fio, which has an 8MHz processor, by first connecting to an Arduino Uno (you could also connect via USB to a PC). Once connected that way, I was able to communicate with the WT32 at its native 115200 baud rate (too fast for the Fio to keep up), and send the serial command to set the WT32’s baud rate down to 9600 (SET CONTROL BAUD 9600,8n1).

    Then I reconnected the Fio, and I’m in business.

  • Regarding 5idget’s problem, and what I may be getting myself into, can you successfully use this board with an 8mhz Arduino? I have a Fio running at 3.3v / 8mhz. How do I set these up?