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Country: India

  • I am working on a project where two objects need to identify each other when close-by. I plan to use this RFID reader along with RFID Tag for each object. So, when two objects (say A & B) come closer, A’s reader reads both tags (A & B) while B’s reader also reads both tags (B & A) and thus by eliminating self tags, objects can identify each other. Would this RFID reader be suitable for such application ? Any problems of interference ?

  • Interesting experiment. I tried replicating it in my workshop with mega168V, but could not go below 61mA with sleep mode. That is not even nearby what datasheet says. Am I missing something ?

    Moreover, my cheap multimeter could not read current when connected in series (chocked up) and just blocked the supply of mega168V. So I connected 1E resistor in series and tried voltage measurement across the resistor. With this method I got above value (61mA). Any other way to get correct measurements in microamp level ?

  • Hi, I want to use this board for connecting multiple micros to one master micro using serial pins (tx/rx). One board for each signal, will this work ?

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