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  • I just received a blue one. It has 32 leds and they seem to light up in pairs. A common anode version would be more interesting so I could drive it with a shift register. Still, I really like it when you come up with products like this. Keep up the good work.

  • I am currently using this display to show a seconds timer and it works great.

    I would like to use to to display the distance in inches from my ulltrasonic distance sensor. The sensor returns inches as a 4 byte int data field. How do I redefine/split the int data into four byte fields to send to the serial display.

    In COBOL

    01 inches-distance. 04 display1. Pic 9. 04 display2. Pic 9. 04. Display3. Pic 9. 04. Display4. Pic 9.

    Please ignore the stray periods- my iPad just stuck them in there

    Thanks Bruce

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