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  • I have been using (8) these BR-LE 4.0 chips for about 4 months now. They seem to be very flakey. I have been running Vcc on them at about 2.8V via VMultipler chip. The Voltage may drop down to 2.0-2.4V once in a while though (with Batteries going dead).

    The chips seem very often to drop their Bluetooth connections (I am using them to connect to Android). But, this may be the Vcc Voltage drops (they drain a Lot of Current for the Batteries).

    Worse than that though, is that I have lost (6) of my (8) BR-LE4.0 chips altogether. Usually this happened in only about 1 week of the chip's usage. They would start losing connections - and just get worse over a few days, until they Fail altogether - and never work again. The Vcc Voltage never got above 3.0V. The Micro Projects ran fine, and I replaced the Batteries, Connections were fine. But, I could never get the chips up again.

    Maybe the Voltage drops caused this ? Anyway, this seems mighty sensitive for a chip of voltage level (being Low damages the chip ?) to me.

    Anybody have any ideas ?

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