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  • I plan on using this sensor for the same purpose. I don't think the readings would be affected much by the force of acceleration. You'll just need to make sure that your sensor has access to the pressure outside by making a small hole in body tube someplace.

    I just uploaded a library to use this sensor with an mbed device. I'll probably be using it with an LPC11U24 since the chip is only 7x7 in the 48-pin package. I was using a PIC32, but the smallest package I can solder for this chip is 10x10, which takes up a lot of board space. Plus I like the fact that the mbed compiler is online and you can switch to a desktop toolchain rather easily.

  • If anyone is interested, I just posted an mBed library for this chip (breakout board). You can download it here from the mBed website. It wraps all the functions of the chip into a nice C++ library. I included a scope output shot when the OUT1 pin is set to 32kHz.

    Like Zbig stated below, be sure to ground the CTRL1 and CTRL0 pins if you're not going to use them.

  • I just uploaded a library for this sensor for use with http://www.mbed.org devices. It was inspired by the Arduino example on this page. You can find it on the mBed website here.

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