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  • I wonder if this will work in my Chromebook.

  • I cut the trace to the cathode and soldered on a 120 ohm 1206smd. It seems to work though pads would have made it easier. it would also be nice to have pads to jumper Gnd or Vcc to one side of the switch.

  • I am still reading the "more information", but is there not a way to crowd-source this? One thought is to go to an open field ( the quietest place in country ) with some test gear, maybe twice a year and sit in the field and produce reports. Everyone send us your device, designed to be turned on. We turn it on, wait 30 secs for initialization and run a spectrum sweep. We then print the results, package it up and send it all back.

  • On mine it appears that tip and shield are connected to the transformer and ring is open, for some very strange reason.

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