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  • Thanks for the help. Yes I just clicked through the date check. COPPA restrictions makes sense. Had to uninstall to get the prompt again. They still need to do a BUNCH of work to get this operational at the level I think most teachers would like to use it. And why is it that Sparkfun responds faster than Google? And why did Google delete my similar post from their forum website? As always, Sparkfun is proving a valuable resource. Thanks

  • If we are done beating them up for sloppy coding, the product is the thing to assess here.
    I have no doubt the materials provided by Sparkfun are fine, but the Android app is next to useless. You cannot even download data, compare one trial to another, or get anything other than a signal mapped to 10 bits out of any one of a thousand sensors I would like to try with this. I’m a teacher and the app is completely useless for anything other than qualitative science.

  • Was able to modify some Molex 0.1" with a rotary tool grinder. They are a bit fragile, but they fit and work well. Here is a link to the Molex datasheet, Datasheet\

    You have to cut off the last segment of the spring part. Still, Should have bought the crimp pins they sell here…

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