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  • You can probably use any voltage rating >= 5v for the caps. (16v would be physically smaller than 50v and totally adequate.) The resistors can be practically any wattage. (Mine are 1/4W since that’s what I had, but 1/8W would be fine too.)

    Have fun. For future projects I’ll use the WAV Trigger which has all the protections built-in (and adds ridiculous set of new features).

  • There are two big problems with this otherwise great board:

    No line-out is a pain: I put a diagram on my website of the simplest way to get a functional & safe output from the board. (Nothing original here, just the info from the Sparkfun schematic + VLSI appnote, turned into a pretty picture.) Sparkfun: feel free to add the image to the product description if you think it’ll help.

    False-triggers on long cable runs: I’ve had major problems (random triggers & cross-talk) if my button cables are longer than about 2ft. The solution is a 1k pull-up resistor at the output of the multiplexer. It’s really easy to implement. (more info in link above).

    Maybe Sparkfun will update this one day?

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