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  • Does it really contain 5 x 30 Pack of Jumper Wires (meaning there are 150 wires)? That would be so great. Please confirm

  • I bought this stepper motor ( and now am struggling to change the microstep resolution. As I understood from the manual the default value is full step with MS1, MS2, and MS3 disconnected. And if I, for example, want to make only half step I need to add 20k Ohm resistor between MS1 and bottom ground (from microcontroller). Am I right about this?

    My other concern is about where to solder the cables from the above mentioned stepper motor. I soldered them in this sequence: red, green, yellow, blue to the upper As and Bs. Then I realized on the other side of the board that those are called Coils, while the next row of As and Bs is called Motor. Where should I connect my stepper motor. It works when is connected to Coils, but I cannot control the microstepping (or I am doing it wrong : ) Thanks for advices.

  • I have a problem to even start with BED. I can’t solder anything to it. I have a lead free solder and it just falls off. I see that Screw Terminals 3.5mm Pitch (2-Pin) are recommended for it, but if I’m not mistaken I still need to solder them to BED. Any ideas?

    OK, problem solved. Just use a solder with higher temperature.