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  • It's unfortunate you are out of Micro Bits. I would love to try some of these things.

  • So this watchdog timer idea is interesting... Would it take soo long to reboot that you would think the processor was dead? Or maybe it's actually not possible for the boot loader to run at that frequency, since it's going to check for input on the serial line?

    I know there's a pin that can cause a reboot. Is there a pin you can watch to see if the processor reboots? Or just turn off the wdt, and try again.

    I'm curious as to why you decided to do your experiments with a pro mini. Seems like it would have been much easier to grab a redboard kit, or even just put the atmega chip on a breadboard, especially if it was already programmed and didn't need the programming circuit.

  • I knew there had to be some of you who also did Burning Man :)

  • Someone send this person a consolation prize. Sorry dude.

  • I was confused by the backorder button. I thought you had sold out, even though you said you wouldn't. By the time I figured it out the sale was over. So better instructions earlier in the process would have helped me.

  • Drat. I did not realize that.

  • Gone at 10:08

  • It would be great make a kit with the motors and other parts needed to make a finished robot. Or a couple of buttons that could add the necessary parts for various kinds of robots to your shopping cart.... That way you don't have to assemble a different kit.

  • Wow the cost of the uArm. I hope they make a cheaper version in the $300 range, even if it has less functionality.

  • This is a big problem I have with lots of electronic kits. They do very little to explain how circuits work. In fact I'm more comfortable with an Arduino board than I am a transistor. I can fathom how logic works, and so long as I have instructions as to how to hook up a sensor or whatever I can make things work.

    But figuring out how to make an led blink with regular electronic components I have no clue.

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