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  • A kit is available containing an ESP-12 development system and all parts needed to get started tinkering with a 1-wire sensor system. Here is the store website link for that:


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  • I received my 2 of these today and they look like the picture here. Unfortunately, your schematic doesn’t go with the picture. Schematic shows a DTR. On your picture and my 2 boards it shows GRN and BLK at the edge holes. Please post updated schematic or explain.

  • I received 2 of these a couple weeks ago. They were programmed with another version of firmware that is downloadable here. The motor fault lights stayed on but I was able to run motors and no fault was sent serially until I worked with my new Tamiya dual motor gear box from here also. I changed the overload value in the header file to 300 and was able to run the gear box. I also changed the code to accept a ‘b’ for setting both motors at the same time. Planning on making some animatronic props with them. Very happy with this product so far now!

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