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  • i am using rn171 for sometime. i am using it as a webserver. i want to stream the data at more that 40 KBps, so configured tha module at 460800 baudrate. following are the considerable settings that i used;

    set uart b 460800 set comm idle 2 // idle timer set comm time 3 // flush timer set comm size 1460 // flush size

    i am sending GET requests from the browser and the response from the wifi rn171 webserver is of 4 to 5 KB (i.e around 300 ms timeline). The GET requests from the browser is onLoad event based so its continously sending the requests one by one.

    i am getting the throughput date rate needed but the problem is the streaming is not continous, some times it gets delayed by the more that 2-3 seconds for one request.

    i am sure that the data streamed by my controller to the uart of the wifi module is accurate and continous at 460800 baud.

    i guess the problem is with the module configured. i used flush size of 1460, but when i set it to 1000 it didnot worked. i guess its internal buffering issue with the module.

    how an i solve this? please help me out

    Thanks in advance.

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