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  • I would love to know as well.

  • [SOLVED] I got it working by changing the settings on my home network. Switching from WEP-Open to WEP-Shared authentication has taken care of the problem.

  • I can scan and connect to unsecured networks. The schematic shows 5v for the FTDI. Is this what I need?


    Will I be using the Arduino IDE serial monitor for that communication?

  • I am working on what must be a very common system in the U.S. - a 2WIRE router supplied by my Internet service provider. Printed on the bottom of the router is a 10-digit number that I have seen referred to as a hex key. This number works as the network password. There is an option to change this number to a phrase, but I haven't bothered.

    I tried treating the number as a single value (in the billions) and converting to hexadecimal, but no luck. I treated the number as ascii characters, still no luck.

    The router's 10-digit number is the only key that gives any type of feedback (the red error light). Anything else and all of the board's lights stay off.

    I believe that the network uses 64 bit encryption. What would the appropriate key size be?

  • Am I missing something? I'm trying to get online with the ConnectWithWEP example sketch. The ssid and network key are the same that I use to connect every other wireless device in the house. I get the "attempting to connect..." message in the serial monitor, then the red "error" light comes on. The key index should be 0, but I've also tried 1-3. The shield is connected to an UNO R3. Any advice?

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