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  • Is this the official Italy one? Probably i since it says Made in Italy on the back. Won’t matter, just curious.

  • Could you plz tell me how to wire this up then? I only have one so I don’t want to blow it. I am using a PICAXE microcontroller with 5V power source. The datasheet diagram just has it hooked up directly to power supply like you said not to do. Only other component in datasheet is a 0.1uF capacitor, no resistors.

    Or were you talking about max current through the data line? And it is fine to connect the GND and VDD pins straight to 5V?

  • Yes

  • Im not that good at this maths stuff. But can someone tell me how to get a rough (not too rough) lux reading from this. What maths would I have to perform on the frequency in 1 second (or another duration, you tell me).

    I am using a PICAXE microcontroller, so whole numbers only in the maths.