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  • Just make the gear solid. It will then be more like the "O" in "O"pen anyway.

  • Example script MC13224_ledCycling.py (included with Portal) can be used to demonstrate PWM on the pyXY if you change line 15 from:

    TMR = 0 # choices are 0/1/2 to use IO 8/9/10 AKA TIO0/TIO1/TIO2


    TMR = 2 # choices are 0/1/2 to use IO 8/9/10 AKA TIO0/TIO1/TIO2

    OR on-the-fly just call setTMR(2) from Portal (or another SNAP node).

  • I’m sure the SNAP OS give you the option to store the script in flash so it is persistent.

    It's stored in the FLASH automatically (no option needed).

  • We noticed our "fresh from Sparkfun" pyXY had some sort of test SNAPpy script loaded in it. Over-the-air performance was intermittent, so we used the Erase Script and Factory Default functions on it and all was well.

    "Erase Script+reboot" (without the Factory Default) might have been sufficient, we just went ahead and did both functions while we were clearing it out. When we bring unit number 2 up we will revisit that.

    Sparkfun - does your "manufacturing test script" leave txPwr() cut? Or does it have some "busy loops" in it?

  • No, over the air they are "speaking" very different protocols. The RF266 speaks Synapse's proprietary "SNAP" protocol, and I believe the XBee devices speak some flavor of ZigBee.

    I suppose some sort of SERIAL PORT communications might be possible, since the serial port on the RF266 can be controlled by the loaded SNAPpy script.

  • The "SNAP Reference Manual" on the Synapse forum is newer than the one linked above (rev "L" versus rev "K"). The RF266 is covered in the newer manual.

  • According to the script source code, the default baudrate is 115200 bps. Try giving it AT commands at that baudrate (don't bother with the +++)

  • (re. I just got it to connect with Portal!/I still cannot get AT commands working) The two functions are mutually exclusive. Communications with Portal uses the Packet Serial protocol built into the firmware. If the "AT commands example" SNAPpy script from www.opensnap.org is loaded into the RF266, then that script takes over the serial port. If you need to perform both serial functions at the same time, then you will need a Synapse module with two serial ports, like the RF200 or SM200. Your other option is to serially connect some other node (could even be another RF266) serially to Portal, and use that node to communicate wirelessly to the RF266 that is running the AT command script. (re. getting started guides) Go to forums.synapse-wireless.com and look for the "SNAP Primer", the "Portal Reference Guide", and perhaps one of the "kit" manuals like the EK2100 or EK2500.

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