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  • Sounds like a business opportunity - isolderyourheaders.com !

  • The "LilyPad FTDI Basic" is listed In the "Included on the Board" section but I don't see it on the board in the photos, is it included separately?

  • Update:
    I picked up a nice pair of flush cutters and after trimming all leads down to the board and re-soldering the troublesome components (the pushbutton and one of the caps), the watch works fantastic.
    I still have one open question though. As mentioned above, the I2C lines are broken out on the board but are these of any use w/o the source code for the PIC (which doesn't appear to be available ATM)?

  • OK guys, I just finished building this kit and I can say that I have a renewed interest in learning to work with SMD components :)
    It's cool that through-hole is possible for something like a watch but the problem I ran into was due to the sandwich-style construction of the case. I imagine someone more skilled than I (or perhaps with a better pair of cutters) could get the pins on the back-side of the board cut low enought that the case would fit together without pressing on any of the pins, but I wasn't able to accomplish this.
    The result is that if I tighten the case too much, the watch can "wig out" because the pressure on the pins causes a bad connection. I did try re-cutting and re-soldering the trouble components (the push button and one of the caps) but had limited success.
    Don't get me wrong, this is a very cool watch and I believe the kit is well-made, but I think the clearances required are just a little tight for using through-hole components and using SMD equivalents would of course easily remedy this.
    On the other hand I may not have bought the kit if it was SMD, so... Yeah :)
    I'm in the process of designing several of my own watches so the take-away from this for me is to pursue the SMD route, even though its more intimidating to me from a construction perspective.

  • Is the source code for the PIC program available?

  • Will this work with a first-generation iPod Touch?

  • This is very cool, for some reason reminded me of my first video camera, the PXL-2000.
    I'd love to re-create that camera (unfortunately mine is long gone and surviving ones tend to cost big bucks), the schematics are available from in the patents but there is some custom VLSI in there that you can't exactly buy off-the-shelf.
    I'd like to maybe look into re-creating it from a process perspective if not using identical hardware, or maybe remake it in a FPGA or something, but in the meantime maybe something like the Eye Shield could be a step.

  • Man, just in time for my birthday!
    ...but sold out...doh!

  • Does anyone know if this will work with the Telit UC864-G?