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  • Hi,

    I've been buying these little compasses, and have begun noticing something when testing them. For the tests I have mounted them to a board, they are held in place with foam tape, and are interfaced with an arduino, which records their time and direction every 4 seconds. I rotate them 90 degrees every 4 seconds, and record their readings. For some of the modules i seem to be seeing a spreading of readings. Most of the readings clump together, however there seems to be a lag in measurement for some of the modules. Anything after the first 90 degree rotation produces a compounded error where they seem to lag by a few degrees each measurement until they reach 360, (where they measure about 270 degrees) however the next rotation to 90 degrees is fairly accurate, and the spreading then occurs for subsequent rotations. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this? I want to investigate this issue, but I have no idea where to begin looking.

  • are you positive it isn't rotating 7 degrees in that distance of 6m? 7 degrees is a very small amount, the slightest vibration could cause a change of 7 degrees

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