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  • New at SparkFun, Intelligence game- Assemble this easy project andgather your friends for a fun time of brainstorming answer physics, electronics, and other science related questions. Whoever lights up the most bulbs wins. Kit contains thenewist brain wave telekinesis sensor on the market and can be used for other projects control your friends, take over the world and whatever else you can "think" of. So you have a bright idea pick up this kit today.

  • As a popular character said "Lightbulb"

  • also you must use a sd formatter program with the card in the unit and plugged in to the pc if you are having problems with sd errors. worked for me

  • Same here. had a dead short between the power rails and melted one of my new jumper wires i got when i orderd this thing. oh well fixed the short. work for now. If you look at the iso view above the rail on power rail on the bottom is missing some plastic between the tow busses thats were mine shorted.

  • Want to hear something funny "cough" r.s. sells this identical heat gun for $30. Were is the beter deal?

  • Pardon Me but wats the commands to set the lcd sizes? i used a 4x16 and its set to 2x20.

  • Success i have completed my homemade wirewrapped version of this. Functions perfectly.

  • According to the datasheet you can use these as standalone development boards too, they have gio pins for inputs and outputs. Sooo. could they be used by themselves without a arduino or other brain??

  • The one i received has a jst connector for the battery looks like they got tired of people complaining of shorted battery leads. Cool.. Also found a link for toughing up your nano v.2. http://www.danreetz.com/blog/2011/01/20/fix-your-dso-nano-2/. Did it works great. Moderator please add this link to the above list.

  • Never thought i see the day.. Propeller and Arduino together. Can we call it Fankenduino??

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