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  • Somebody stole these out of my cart. I had them in my cart, proceeding through checkout when they ran out. That’s just not cool man. Not sparkfun-like at all


  • Wavelength looks a little off. 6000nm is ultra-far infrared. I think perhaps you mean color temperature. Wavelength should be 400-700nm. Though, white is a blend of many wavelengths, so this still doesn’t work too well.

  • 200V-600V AC? Did you by chance mean 200mV? This is what the product images indicate.

  • If I wanted to control a normal 240V circuit, would I need two of these? Basically, there are 2 legs of 120V offset by 180°. Theoretically, it should work with just one, as there would be an open circuit unless the relay was closed.

    Also, is this NO or NC?

  • Totally agree on this. 5 and 3.3V is way better than 5 or 3.3V

  • No pictures of the product working in the dark?

  • When can we see a USB 3.0 version of this cable? Or even a Micro-USB? The Cerberus is cool, but it sounds like it has issues, and the extra heads tend to get in the way of normal usage.

  • This kit is far superior to another one I bought at Fry’s (Parallax). I spent a couple hours trying to avoid duplicating (ok, centicating) successive reads. This device has that built in, so I no longer have to fudge around in my code to only check once. Great job!

    The built-in beep is also a nice addition. Were it not useful to have two readers, I’d likely return the Parallax one.

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