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  • I can confirm the Unit puts out 500mw. I measured it with a HP Spectral analyzer and got 26.65 dBm. This works out to about 462mW. Close enough to 500mW for me. Although in the software reports on 100mW when you do an inquire.

    I have been very pleased with the product. It simple to use out of the box. Find the RFD900 tools on the internet if you want to play with the unit. There mode were you can connect one unit to you computer and see how RSSI of both units at the same time. Great for testing antennas.

  • I just got this a Few days ago and am very pleased how will it works. Started out using it with the RS-232 to see how it worked. Then I opened it up removed the cables that came with it. I add 3 wires which were, 5 volts, ground ,and the last wire was solder to pin 10 of the SP232 chip. This gave me a 5 volt TTL out. I connected it to a Arduino Teensy 3.1 which work great. A good starting point for code is is the MultiSerialMega in the example code. The output from the reader just show up in the serial monitor with no changes to the code. For this to work your Arduino needs to have at second serial port for this to work.

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