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The Mighty Sparrow

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  • Thanks, Mark -

    After perusing the product line a bit more, I notice it's all 3.0mm filaments/hardware. That doesn't sit well since I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 spools of 1.75 mm PLA.

    And yes, I understand I could probably hack and modify it. Trouble is, I don't trust myself to do it [right] in an adequate amount of time. You see...well....basically I have this thing called a full-time job :D So when I'm afforded the time, I don't want to tinker I want to build. (EDIT and I seriously doubt modifying the device to work with 1.75mm is a simple "switch of a nozzle")

  • SOOoooo...."yes", it can print non-flexy filament as well?

    Enquiring minds wanna know because I bought a popular brand of printer - which shall remain nameless...until the next paragraph - so I wouldn't have to mess with a bunch of building, calibrating and general dickering around. Basically, I just wanted to start making things - not make something before I started making things.

    Long story short, this thing - let's just call it FakerBot - and [more importantly] the support I thought I was buying into is a complete load a crapola and I am going to send it back. I'm so disappointed I'm willing to take a hit for their restocking fee.

    In any case, I am a big Sparkfun fan - and a friend o' theirs is a friend 'o mine. I REALLY like the possibility of printing with the flexible material, but I REALLY don't want to switch heads all the time. Not that it's a deal-breaker -- well actually, if it's bi-filamental, that's more like a deal-sealer (see what I did there? how i switched the words around from a common phrase? that's awesome)

    But I digest....

    Any information is greatly appreciated.

    (Sorry, meant to post this under MarkFromNJ's response)