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  • If your good:
    You could make a suit of these things and use it for a personal defence system. If somebody tries to mug you just turn all the lights on, blinding the assailant, and make your getaway. There would never be a dark alley with you around.
    If your evil:
    Make a suit of these things and call yourself “The Suntan”. Then walk into a place turn them all on, blinding everybody, then get what you want and walk out. You could even have catch phrases like, “Time to light this party up.” (Spoken like Arnold Swarchenegger)

  • Here is a program I created to talk to this camera with C# using 2 xBee modules.

  • I have been married 5 years and my wife still thinks I am a genius because I am building a rover from an RC tank. Girls get turned on by brains too.

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