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  • How strong is the adhesive on these? If they were stuck on a plastic card, how much abuse could they take before falling off?

  • One of the most influential lines to me in that interview was the one regarding company patents. I knew you guys at SF were advocates of open-source, but being relatively new to this community, I had no idea you "referred negatively... to company patents" as the article said. I personally believe patents dampen ingenuity, and that single line made me respect you guys that much more.

    The rest of the interview was pretty awesome, too. I only hope I can be like Mr. Nate when I pursue my own entrepreneurial endeavors!!

  • I... um... I think I took a wrong turn... This /is/ the Tiny Robotic Overlord Commitee Meeting, right?

  • Woo! Here's to another great year of technological exploration!

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