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  • I know you guys didn't design this board - but a micro SD card on the bottom would be a killer addition. Also, minor typo in the description: "The Arcade MegaWingis". Really glad to see SparkFun carrying more FPGA stuff. Thanks!

  • The comment above is indicative of extremely poor development practices. Most compilers these days are good enough to automatically optimize things like that. Code is meant for humans to read. Legibility first. Avoid unnecessary optimizations (especially when the compiler does a better job than you can anyways), and only optimize based on measurements, not preemptively.

  • Time for a new logo. Better now than later. Licensing has its own set of issues. Even if you structure the license such that OSHWA has complete control over how the mark is used in the hardware space, you'll still have other concerns like giving OSI "fair consideration" for the rights to the mark. Both entities are looking for marks they can control. Next time, OSHWA needs to trademark their own logo for that exact reason.

  • It would be great to see a version of this breakout board that came complete with the 50k pull-up resistors required for SPI mode. I also wish these breakout boards would all come standard with mounting holes. Some have them and some don't - but they are essential for mounting these things in any sort of semi-permanent device! Especially something like this that is bound to get pushed and prodded when a card is inserted or removed!

  • I always thought it was called DUCT tape because they shortened the phrase "Ductile Tape" - but what do I know :)