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  • Oh, I needed to modify the AHRS Python Interface code a little in order to make it work correctly with the most recent firmware:

    f = open("Serial"+str(time())+".txt", 'w')
    while 1:
        line = ser.readline()
        line = line.replace("#YPR=","")   # Delete "#YPR="
        print line
        f.write(line)                     # Write to the output log file
        words = string.split(line,",")    # Fields split
        if len(words) > 2:
                yaw = float(words[0])*grad2rad
                pitch = float(words[1])*grad2rad
                roll = float(words[2])*grad2rad
                print "Invalid line"
            L1.text = str(roll*rad2grad)
            L2.text = str(pitch*rad2grad)
            L3.text = str(yaw*rad2grad)
  • I wanted to give everyone an updated set of links to all the firmware and code required to make a project using this board work. I purchased this board along with the FTDI Basic Breakout Board. I uploaded the firmware using the latest Arduino IDE and tested it using both the Processing test sketch and the AHRS Python interface.

    Up-to-date AHRS firmware & test code

    Arduino IDE

    pywin 2.7



    AHRS Python Interface

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