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  • So are we out of luck if we would like to control this from a microcontroller's UART (to create BLE HID device)? I've tried other HID solutions, both classic and BLE, and they are, um, lacking.

  • Another legend chimes in: "New US Tariffs are Anti-Maker and Will Encourage Offshoring"

  • Yeah this could take many, many years to play out and in the end, and after all the inflation it has caused, if we sit back and say, "well that didn't work out" it will have had a huge negative effect. I don't think a 25% tariff is an engineered or thoughtful approach to the trade or debt imbalance.

  • Thanks. We are all on the edge of our seats wondering if these new measures are going to crush us little guys and make it just not worth it anymore. I'm a one-person kit seller that collects and remits sales tax in California. Self employed income tax and state sales tax are more than enough of a pain already (time wise). I don't mind paying taxes to have a better city/state/country, but I certainly don't need the business of making kits to be any more complicated, I just want to go back to soldering.

  • Thank you SparkFun. Great company, great article. I wonder about one aspect of your data table ... although things from Taiwan do not fall under the new 25% tariff I'm curious about how this plays out in real life. Will products from China find a way to move via Taiwan? Certainly such a huge tariff may make it worthwhile for some operations to move from China to Taiwan or elsewhere to make it appear so. Also does the long term affect China's view or Taiwan politically? The relationship between China and Taiwan is mysterious at best and a hot potato for sure.

  • Congratulations on getting your hands dirty in the electronics world. I remember that for my first EE lab I was well ahead of my classmates just by knowing what a resistor actually looked like. And here's the best bit of advice you are going to get all day: screw pliers.

  • "Tactical" power switch? That's a new one on me. Tactile? I find it hard to believe that either of those terms applies to a toggle switch though. The latter might apply to the Reset switch though (if it is tactile).

  • Here is one in Southern California (Orange County): Alltech Electronics

  • As someone mentioned in passing, this is commonly called a Molly-Guard.

  • Has anyone compared this to the USB soldering irons? For tip size, heat etc? I use a USB one for doing QFP-48 (surface mount) soldering with old-school lead solder and it works great, but this might be even better.

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