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  • What are the other diameters of the pins themselves?? Thanks.

  • I don’t know why people are whining about the price. These would be $14 a pop from the regular electronics distros.

  • I like this project aside from the part where you replace a top-line synth module with a bleep chip. What are you doing with the synth module? Are you interested in selling it?


  • Where are the other 27 dog pictures?????????

  • This is a good idea. Design by committee is tough, but filtered input from the masses could go a long way to improving several of the products. Personally I’m not so big on shift-register designs, preferring an I2C connection. Where I’ve gotten stung before from Sparkfun is carving up boards to get to pull-up/down configuration pins that were tied directly to ground or vcc.

  • Corner. Self painted into … check!
    Recommendation for this and similar boards: when given the option of allowing the user to configure the device via pin settings, please allow for it. By using a pullup, pulldown or jumper on ADDR you would have allowed us to easily change the I2C address without an x-acto knife. This board, not so flexible.

  • ASCII version … LOL.

  • For that module you can do 19200, but not 9600.

  • Regarding the USB Virtual COM Port functionality, is this using the Windows built-in communication class drivers?
    If it is then it should also work with Mac and Linux … though I don’t know what replaces the INF file on those systems.

  • The table-top dock is also mainly passive … except for however it is detected. Not sure how that works (I guess magnet possibly like mentioned above). Should be a fantastic way to stand the DroidX up and attach to the Yo-Yo. Now you can have Chumby+Droid+I/O!

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