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  • Product TOL-10617 | about 7 months ago

    What if I need to use LiPo Fuel Gauge with this >> battery pack as you see its complete with charging circuitry and all but I needed to also have the charge level read off it! is it fine. I see that this battery pack>> uses a single cell LiPo so this would be fine with this LiPo power fuel gauge but what if I hack the battery pack and its too congested to access all the points to read the battery that I seek?

  • Product SEN-11345 | last year

    How to measure radiation with it?

  • Product LCD-11742 | about a year ago

    In any way does this has the ability to act as a screen for RPi, I mean shows the OS GUI?

  • Product SEN-11171 | about 2 years ago

    What is the resolution of this camera when you click a photo? is it remains the same as 720 x 480px or it will increase?

    also i want to hack the sd card to be read by the arduino ,so as you have seen this module ,what you think? Will i be able to access the SPI bus of the SD card?

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