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  • Sleep most of the time! and consuming power for a fraction of a millisecond when woken up just to do the job and again sleeping!

    I'm a low power specialist designing low power commercial wearable's.

  • This the coolest shitt! I have been java coding on it with Netbeans full IDE loaded within itself and doing all kinds of IoT shitt.

  • can I get a link to a similar Alphanumerics availble on mouser, digi-key or element14 ?

  • and here's the hex file for it(uses Atmega328p 3.3v and nrf8001(use any breakout board available out there!)) >> Download it!

    here are the connection's: a) nrf8001 breakout >> REQ 9 , RDYN 3 and RST 10 rest conventional SPI connections! b) sensor breakout >> output from the sensor A3 and the 3.3v reference A2

  • Here's an Android App. for it. Uses BLE to connect to the android. I have the hardware using this breakout board working on a breadboard just need to makeout a board out of it.

  • enigma342, I think getting any 3 wavelengths and calculating their weighted mean can still be done as I think you answered your own question and as its also defined on this page >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraviolet_index that mainly the wavelengths from 295nm to 325nm are to be valued because anyways the higher ones get absorbed anyway so one way is to presume that the sensor would anyways be receiving a major chunk of only the 295nm to 325nm spectrum and the rest is discarded! still we cant calculate the weighted mean because the respective values at each wavelength aren't available but we can assume and be like 70% correct.

  • I have 2 setups: a) 5v regular Arduino dev. board and, b) 3v3 ATmega328p with internal 8Mhz RC Osc. barebones on a breadboard .

    I'm getting a MP8511 output of around 320 while I have the very same connections and code on the 3v3 and with everything all same on the setup a) I'm getting MP8511 output of around 200 , The reason for it being the AVCC difference. (I tested with the example code)

  • What if I need to use LiPo Fuel Gauge with this >> https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11360 battery pack as you see its complete with charging circuitry and all but I needed to also have the charge level read off it! is it fine. I see that this battery pack>> https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11360 uses a single cell LiPo so this would be fine with this LiPo power fuel gauge but what if I hack the battery pack and its too congested to access all the points to read the battery that I seek?

  • How to measure radiation with it?

  • In any way does this has the ability to act as a screen for RPi, I mean shows the OS GUI?

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