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  • I just noticed the same thing (reset on D5 and not D6). Is this change intentional? The posted schematic still has the reset on D6. On one hand this is concerning as it means that I have to change some code to make things work (and have to do some resodering). On the other hand this does mean that you can now use the spectrum shield with the Adafruit NeoPixel Shield ( for lots of blinky fun as it uses D6 as the control line for the NeoPixels.

    Final feedback is, let us customers know when a change is in the works and when that change has been made.

  • What!? No indigo? Can you even get indigo LEDs?

  • How about an option for a clear enclosure like this? That way I could point out all my hard work when people ask me what it is.

  • I've been working with this version of the spectrum shield for a few weeks now and I've noticed something. Both equalizers return values on each of the bands when there is no input ( < 100 ). This happens both when there is no audible signal coming over the input line and when there's nothing plugged in to the input line at all.

    Is this an expected behavior?

  • I have a similar question about the reset pin (pin 6). Pin 6 is one of the PWM pins but this would seem to take it out of the running for use driving something that needs PWM.

  • Several questions come to mind: * Can these strips be used with the SparkFun PWM Shield? * Would using the PWM shield allow me to drive more/longer strips? * Would using the PWM shield rule out using the NEOPixel library?dd (I'm assuming the answer is yes)

  • I love this device and I use it all of the time.

    For those folks wanting larger alligator clips I would suggest going back to the original instructable (link in the product description). The instructable calls for using larger alligator clips and attaching them to the arms with banana plugs. I was able to do this with one of the arms by heating up the threads on the banana plug so that they would soften the plastic on the nozzle enough to allow me to screw the banana plug in. I like the banana plugs as I now have the option of removing the alligator clips and then attaching something else with the same size hole in it.

  • Are there any plans to update this for the R3 layout?

  • I would love to see this kit offered with series 2 XBee modules.

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