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  • why? What do you need to do? My view point you need a range value like 1,27 untill 3,0 volts. why do you need a exactly five volts?

  • friend, my view point, we use this only with very low currents. I need to use this to measure currents near 0.10mA.

    example: I know that for one 1A = 1000mA. each 1000mA = 0.185mV Arduino with 10 bit value = analogic read means = 5v/1023 bit = 0.0048V

    acs 712 = .185/1000 = 0.000185 = I need 0.10mA = 0.00185V this is very low to me and the arduino, to arduino measure this value I will need at least 0.20mA.

    So I can use this Amp to increase the number near to 10 times.

    If we have currents near to limit 5A we must make sure the output value, or we will damage the Analogic reader ( in my case arduino).

    see you

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