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  • Hey guys, noob question from a ME with just enough EE skills to be dangerous with a soldering iron.

    I'm trying to figure the wiring between JP1 on the L6470 breakout board and a Nano. Based on my read of the dSPIN_example.ino file, I get JP1 pins 4-9 and 2, but am unsure if I need to do anything with JP1 pin 3, and also unsure of the corresponding connection from the nano to JP1 pins 1 & 10 (pwr & gnd).

    Also, can anyone de-convolute the following line from the top of the dSPIN_example.ino file for me?

    define SWITCH 8 // Hooked to the switch input and a pB on the jig

    I get that is is pin 8 on the Arduino, but can't suss "switch input and a pB . . ." etc.


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