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  • CENTER TURN Each wheel rotates in opposite directions, bot turns about it's axis.

    Theta is the angle to turn in degrees.

    Ep is encoder pulses.

    N is Ep's per revolution,

    W is distance between wheels, wheelbase,

    D is wheel diameter,

    Emm is encoder pulses per milimeter = N/Pi*D

    M is the number of Ep's required per degree of turn.

    M = NW/360D

    Apply M*theta to each wheel but with opposite polarity

    PIVOT TURN both wheels turn in the same direction but wheel on the inside turns less. Inside wheel may also be stationary and outside wheel rotates around it.

    R is Radius of the turn (to the inner wheel),

    W is the wheelbase as above,

    Arc length is D,

    For D=360 inner wheel turns 2Pi R, and the outer wheel turns 2Pi(W + R)

    DD = D outer - D inner = difference in distance traveled by each wheel.

    DD = 2Pi(W + R) - 2PiR = 2PiW + 2PiR - 2PiR = 2PiW

    Number of encoder pulses in 360 degree turn = DD*Emm

    Encoder pulses in 1 degree is (DD/Emm)/360

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