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  • IMHO: I would NOT use this sensor for outdoor humidity because dew will be seen by the sensor and degrade it's readings. Many commercial weather stations have this as a small foot note in their documentation. Which seems to be kind of silly, "Don't put your outdoor humidity sensor "outdoors" because it may see dew and degrade it performance"!?!?! What? How stupid is that? What does this all mean? If you use THIS sensor outdoors, after some period of time your humidity/dew point values will start to go wacky and have to be compensated for. (Speaking from experience with a commercial weather station.) After reviewing the other humidity sensors on SF, it seems they do not have this problem. Thus use this sensor indoors only.

    NOTE: In the data sheet it males a reference to dew conditions: (7) Other attentions * Avoid using the sensor under dew condition.

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