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  • Indeed they died a long time ago. My mom was clearing out stuff from her house recently and sent me my, wait for it, not 100 in 1, not 150 in 1 but my 160 in 1 Science Fair kit. I just noticed it still has a Radio Shack price sticker on the side of the box. I wish I could still find the Engineers Mini Notebooks. Good times. http://i909.photobucket.com/albums/ac291/kingskoins/G1_zpsf71ceb14.jpg

  • Pretty cool... Coming to a work bench near me. Also glad to see the kiddo's are well vitaminized as well. We force the same one's on our mini me's. Odd what you notice when you are "invited" into someone else's home.

  • Lets also remember that some companies have amazingly also never posted a profit in say 20 years (AMZN). I'd much rather you be around than not serving the community over some free shipping that's running you aground.

    Cheers to you.

  • What happened to According to Pete?

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