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  • Anyone else think of Batman's cape when they first saw this?

  • Tell me that I can't solder in the warehouse, huh? Well, they'll never catch me in my fortress of solitude! (evil laugh)

  • When I saw that it had a 32 bit CPU, was I the only one that thought "Linux on Arduino, yes please". Especially with the USB capability.

  • They moved the new manual, I found it after some searching:p http://www.rovingnetworks.com/resources/download/120/HID_User_Manual

  • Frank's clever disguize didn't work when he found it was the TOWN fair, not the CLOWN fair.

  • I have a question, I'm an arduino beginner, and I want to use this board, if I use the onboard battery plug for the LiPo battery, should I connect the ground of my components to the negative terminal on this board? Or should I find another ground? How about a Vcc? Should I just use the positive terminal, or should I use a simple digital output (actually, that might be simpler, but the question still remains)? Edit: I found the answer to all of these questions hidden on the LilyPad homepage, connecting the power of other objects to + and the ground to - WILL work as per the example given at: http://web.media.mit.edu/~leah/LilyPad/08_sensors.html)

  • Reading the datasheet, it says the max operating time is 20mSec. This seems odd for it to not be able to operate something for very long, am I not understanding correctly? I plan to run 12 volts through this thing for up to a minute at a time, but if I can't, then I'd rather find another option.

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