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  • Do you know when you are going to have more of these available?

  • I have used a vacation day from work every Free Day since the first one, but I couldn't get out of work this year. I'm so glad that I didn't waste a precious vacation day this year.

    I already hated Captchas before 9:00 MST, but after four hours of agony and no results, I now completely LOATHE them! I tried to get my free loot at work on the sly, but it's not worth the headache and blurred vision from the crossed eyes. PLEASE go back to the system where you just gave out $10 for every year we were a customer!

    Spark-fun, we love you very much and appreciate you giving back to your biggest fans, but please don't make us have an intervention!!!!

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     tHe   S(D$%#ds&drf#4s-3

    "Try Again - Keep at it!"

  • Maybe they are actually from a SparkFun in an evil parallel universe, where the only difference between our beloved SparkFun employees and theirs is that they have "evil" facial hair. http://tinyurl.com/64teyb

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