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  • BMP085 breakout board product page... in the comments below.... read.... a user 2 yrs ago complained that he removed the chip from the breakout board and found power to both the analog and digital VCC pins, it was connected to only one. It was further pointed out a bit further down that the VCC pin NOT connected showed VCC leaking to it from the other pin, but that it fluctuated and went below spec minimums. VCC in this case is required for VCCA analog supply and VCCD digital supply. Having them tied together induces noise into the analog portions and degrades performance and this is why there are two separate pins. Then just a few months ago I purchased same item and found same thing while trying to isolate and supply each separately for higher performance. Contacted tech support about this error in your design and was told I was wrong. I insisted, I pushed, finally tech support took a real look at the breakout board (apparently for the first time) and found what I and the other poster 2 yrs earlier said about VCC being incompletely connected were true. I've retained all the emails I was involved with, and you already can look back right now and see the two year old comment by another user trying to point it out to you. Listening? Listening? Go look! Half the evidence is on YOUR website, half the evidence is ON THE BOARD, and I've got the emails I was involved in. Listening?

  • You will never make the luxury hobbiest boards? Seeed Studios looked at your open source design and improved it? You spend a third of the text above complaining about your own lackings such as green wires, missing PCB's. What I'm reading here sounds more like a cop-out and making excuses than an actual look at the reality that you did successfully identify lackings... lackings you need to move on. And what is this about listening to customers? A flaw was pointed out in the BMP085 breakout board in the public comments right below the product page and for two years it remained neglected and when I re-reported it I was poorly treated, till later, when it turned out the reports of mine and two years prior were correct. Is a marketing guy writing up this text to distract us, or is a real businessperson bent on improving? I object to the notion that A. It is hard. B. We are doing all we need to continue making profit. and C. It's good enough. I see Sparkfun's potential. Sounds to me something like you're going to let it "burn out". You're saying Seed Studios can beat you. Betcha Lady Ada can too. JeeLabs has got you too with products more advanced than your own. What I'm hearing sounds like "we're tired." But I see such a huge potential with an already serious base to work from.

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