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  • I'm working on a similar project using Python to control a balancing robot. Code is here, but it's very much a work in progress: https://github.com/WRadigan/PyEddieControl

    I'd also recommend the RTIMULib from Richards Tech. The Python bindings are great! https://richardstechnotes.wordpress.com/category/rtimulib/

    Keep in mind that the pin numbers are different in the Python MRAA than in the C-version! http://iotdk.intel.com/docs/master/mraa/edison.html --> Pinmode0

  • I'm looking for 3D mechanical CAD (I.e. SOLIDWORKS) models of the Edison blocks. It would also be awesome if Sparkfun could export IDF models of the EagleCAD board drawings on GitHub. (It would make ME's like me very, very happy.)

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