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  • That's unfortunate. I don't see how the bootloader would have any affect on the board pinout decision...

  • Please tell me the changes include this pinout fix: https://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=37096&p=165977

    Mine is on its last legs after the USB port ripped off, and my repair job has slowly developed intermittent drop-outs, so I'm going to be in the market for a new one...

  • Can anybody comment on the brightness of these LED's? Would they be at all useful for interior lighting? Specifically, I have a small room in the basement that originally had no lighting, and the lights that have been added to the room are rather dim. I think it would be neat to use a few of these to add mood lighting, but only if the full white setting would actually manage to actually light up the room (in addition to the existing, inadequate lighting, not necessarily all on their own).

  • One really big problem I have with this board was the decision for pin 3 (or 2, depending on how you number them, I mean the pin right next to RxI) to be GND instead of RST. This is not consistent with the Pro Mini, and breaks compatibility with the Mini USB Host Shield from Circuits@Home. It's taken me the last 2 hours of emailing the Circuits@Home tech support to figure this out. Why did you feel the need to change the pinout? I don't see any real benefit from that change, and I'm disappointed that it breaks the USB Host Shield.

  • They're non-stock because they're made to order (at least that's how most of the Samtec headers are, read the product page carefully). It should only add a day or two to the order.

  • Most Arduino shields I've seen, including the protoshield, use 1x6, 1x8(x2), and 1x10. This is consistent with the pin count on the Uno, Mega, and Leonardo. If you use these for a shield, you'll be missing 4 pins.