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  • I have the same "my current version of Kicad 5.05 is different from version 4.0" problem that the others are having preventing me from loading the EESCHEMA libraries. See "setting-up-schematic-component-libraries" part of the tutorial

    I tried downloading the “Sparkfun_SchematicComponents.lib” file and save it to a directory on the computer.
    These are found at the link https://cdn.sparkfun.com/assets/learn_tutorials/6/6/0/SparkFun_SchematicComponents.lib

    But when I try to do "Preferences->Component Libraries", I have no good place to go that matches the tutorial. Does anyone have a series of steps to fix this?

  • I would like to know if the MOLEX connector has the same pin spacing as a standard breadboard/arduino pro mini.

    If it does then I am ordering 3 of them.
    a) One (1) for standard/intended use b) Two (2) boards being re-purposed for use with an FTDI connector for programming arduino pro minis.

    Please let me know if this is the wrong way to re-purpose the boards to make a pogo interface between an FTDI serial interface & an arduino pro mini. Biggest pain here is my lack of a drill-press.

      a) I need two (2) boards, one for the top, one for the bottom.  I will be throwing away the small board that gets snapped off, as well as the extra spacers an the extra molex connector.
      b) I use a 0.040" drill bit to widen the holes where the molex connector was originally intended to be attached.  I do this for both boards. (can it be done manually, or do I need a power drill)
       c) I use the "tape trick" on the top board (see assembly instructions) to serve as a stopper for the pogo pins.  I then assemble the top and bottom boards using the 3/8" plastic standoffs with screws.  If necessary, as a source of temporary stability, place another 3/8" spacer near the spot where the pogo pins will be placed to act as a temporary support.
       d) now I insert the pogo pins and solder them in place on the bottom board.
       e) now I remove the tape and solder the pogo pins to the top board.  Remove any temporary spacers.
       f) now I connect my cable assembly however I see fit.  This is the one that plugs into my FTDI device
       g) program arduino pro mini.

    Please let me know if this is the right way to make an FTDI pogo interface for an arduino pro mini.

  • Is there a firmware mod that can include a timestamp with the serial data? I would really like that.

    I make a toy that sends serial data commands to an MP3 player.

    I would like to know when the different people use my toy in addition to knowing what buttons they press on my toy (what MP3 files they choose). Does anybody have a firmware option that does this?

    Thank you


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