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  • Somebody has to ask…. When will you have these that go to 11?

  • I’m consider myself a maker yet I’m all for stronger restrictions.

    I live in Hawaii and am all too familiar with the pervasive noise and invasion of privacy the tour helicopter cowboys inflict on us every day. I also had the same thing when I lived in Seattle (where the peeping drone was discovered and another crashed into the Space Needle) with “newchoppers”, the Coast Guard and air ambulances all day and night. Anyone who lives in LA probably has stories as well. There is already too much in the sky. Add to that drones and now you’ve really got a mess.

  • Mine just arrived today. Nice job with the dedicated tutorial page! It might be cool to screen the text in just one direction.

  • (Probably) Final Update: CanaKit’s stock estimates were based on what they thought they could source from SFE.

    • There are no connectors for this module.
    • There is no breakout board for this module.
    • There is no devboard for this module.
    • It’s too bumpy, small and expensive to use as a drink coaster
  • If you’re debating whether or not to branch out from Arduino into a different board, you owe it to yourself to give Teensy a try. It’s an easy transition with a lot of programming space, speed, and inputs/outputs in a, well, teensy package. I’ve had to make nearly no changes to existing Arduino libraries to make this work with my existing code.

  • Update: Tech Support (thanks Michelle) pointed me to Canakit, which has a finite number of both the breakout and dev boards in stock. Get ‘em while you can.

  • BEFORE YOU BUY Contrary to the description, SFE carries neither the mating connector nor the eval board. They’ve retired the dev board, the breakout board, and don’t carry the connector.

    I’m at my wit’s end with this.

  • Agreed, Doc! These comments bury good information one needs to use/hack the product. I’m all for freedom of speech but whining about the cost so much is a lot like filibustering. If you can make one better… fine, do so, maybe I’ll buy from “you” but I’m really tired of the Price Police.

  • Images are JPEG. There is no (documented) external access to the SD card. In fact, the only digital communication at all with the camera is via PIN3, which is simply the power/shutter button. You may be able to hack the board to access the card directly, but that would entail a lot of tracing and trial and error since the schematic is not available – this is not an OSHW device. (I wish it was, it might get more community support.) However, I found them very responsive to questions.

  • Sure. You edit the configuration file on the SD card to set how you want to control the camera. You have two shooting options. 1) trigger the camera to take a photo every n seconds via the PHOTO_INTERVAL parameter in the config file, or 2) set that param to 0 and use the microcontroller to trigger the button. Using the latter technique, you need to put the camera into standby mode while you power it up, which can also be done by the controller. In both modes, the images are stored directly onto the SD card. No streaming is involved. I’m currently using a HackHD, GPS module, and Arduino Uno to map bike trails. Works great as a poor man’s google streets. Details of the config are here: http://www.hackhd.com/downloads/hackhd-v115-instructions.pdf and they also have some videos showing the timing necessary to put the camera into different modes.

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