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  • // there has been alot of discussion as to where or not you can use the L6470 driver

    // for milling machines and many other purposes where 2 or more motors

    // need to be synchronized as well as have dynamically assigned speeds.

    // the problem is there is no clear/actual way to change the speed register wile the motor

    //is running, some have suggested to just use the L6470 in step at a time mode

    // but I feel this is a waste of allot of great features ie stall detection.

    // So without further adue here is a solution


    void loop()
      // 200 steps is one revolution on a 1.8 deg/step motor.
      dSPIN_Move(FWD, 40);
      while (digitalRead(dSPIN_BUSYN) == LOW);  // wait Until the movement completes, the
      dSPIN_SetParam(dSPIN_MAX_SPEED, MaxSpdCalc(max_speed_rise)); 
      max_speed_rise += acceleration_rate; 
      if (max_speed_rise > 100){
        acceleration_rate = -1;
      if (max_speed_rise < 1){
        acceleration_rate = 1;
        delay (1000);

    if you run this you will see that the stepper s acceleration

    //is nice and smooth while still being controlled dynamicaly ( wile the motor is

    // running ) It is a very simple work around ...

    In truth the motors speed is changing in-between move commands,

    but this is happening so often that it is very smooth!

    // now the comes the part thats not done yet ... daisy chaining, // using the method dynamic speed method combined with daisy chaining // one more thing ... load all the bits but one on the daisy chain while the // motor is finishing the previous command then using an interrupt as soon as // the L6470 busy pins are all low load the last bit in the daisy .. // this should reduce any delays that could cause motor noise!

    Shoot me a message if you improve on it, or the methods iv spoken of.

    Some links to my project related to this post // youcan find the full code here!!-Suzans-Dolly

  • omg Im talking to my self ... that what happens when your user name is a number lol

  • I have the very same question .. any one have an answer?

  • How well would this work for reproducing analog signals?

    and if not well at all, what is a common analog signal isolator?

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