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  • Just a note to those that need to use RX1 and TX0 as digital outputs or inputs. This may be common knowledge, but i just discovered that if use TX0 you must call it digital pin 1 (one) in your program, and if you use RX1 as a digital output, you must call it digital pin 0 (zero) in your program. You also need to remove any serial commands from your program, as you can not use these as digital out puts and for Rx and TX also. the pins on the broad are like this: 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 Gnd Rst 0 1

    BTW, this a great product.

  • These are great I have used 20 so far and just ordered 20 more. These have been extremely stable and reliable so far. In my application runs off 14 volts, so I use a voltage regulator to knock the voltage down to approx 7 volts to power the Pro. The project is completely enclosed and no problems so far. I'm driving a 16X2 LCD display with backlight and 5 LEDs. I notice they are running low, I hope they get more soon.

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