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  • Thank you so much!!! I was getting horrendous noise on my microphone and your comment solved my problem. In retrospect it was a really stupid mistake, but in case anyone has this same problem, the noise coming across the line of the MIC (and speaker) came from the fact that I connected the mic GND straight to the arduino's GND through the breadboard, when in fact I should have connected it to the BC-127 breakout board GND instead.

  • Is there a fritzing file for the bc-127 SMD? If not, could SparkFun make one? I know there is one for the breakout, but it would be helpful to have just the SMD available in fritzing to create a custom pcb.

  • Also just offering the blank PCB board would be super helpful.

  • I agree. Making a kit would be awesome for those of us who like other types of early phones and want to modify them. You would probably sell a lot of kits, judging from the buzz around hackerspaces, and the kit markup could meet or exceed the profit margin of the prefab model.

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