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Matthew Field

Member Since: July 15, 2012

Country: United States

  • I should add i can load the simplest of sketches onto it no problem. The one i am stuck with is only 18k though and it loads fine onto a Uno R3, i just need the extra pins and can't for the life of me get an 18k upload to complete on this Mega. I have tried every suggestion the interwebs has to offer. I am amazed that this thing has not been disontinued or replaced givem how many hits you find if you google 'Arduino Mega upload issues'.

  • Wow, i have never had so many issues with an Arduino board as i have with this one. Uploading fails 99% of the time. 'avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout'. Common problem if you google it. Have tried every suggestion out there. Next step is apparently to upload a new bootloader,. I am going to keep battling with it, but unless you really need the extra pins stick with a board that works, see if the extra pins on the Leonardo or Nano will get you going. This mega clearly has issues.

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