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  • Hi, We recently acquired one of these for bench testing with a PLC. Have everything working ok so far off of a 24vdc supply, but am concerned about a few things, & would like to know if related to the 24vdc supply, PLC, both or that there is no load..

    I have a basic program to output 200 pulses forward, then 200 back at which I can very the frequency. The repeatability does not appear to be there, at each turn, there seems to be a compounding error that results in the stop position drifting. I will try this with 12vdc & report back.

    What is the max speed we should be able to realistically able to acheive? The data sheet says 500kHz, which at 200 steps/rev, equates to 150000 rpm. This seems very unlikely. I have tried various frequencies, but do not seem to get consistency at the high end of about 2000Hz, which is quite low compared to the specs. Do I need more load?

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