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  • thank you for your reply. i'll try to find one at 4Amps total.

  • hello people, I am having a hard time finding a proper power supply for the board. At the moment I have a 500mA with variable Voltage up to 12V. My motors are rated 1.7A/phase and 3V, and although this works (at >=9V, at least for 1 motor) its pretty slow. I wanted to ask you what is the proper proper power supply, to use the board with 4 of these motors in proper speed, and not being afraid to fry it (or have dangerous heat problems in general). thanks (my steppers are the ones sparkfun sells ROB-10846 )

  • thank you, got that (except the header story) the libraries i found didn't seem to work, , so i built my own class, and i have one more problem. when i plug things up, the large condenser near barrel jack gets heat up,from the first minute. I dont know why. Maybe its the ground that has to go to the same as arduino. In my case, i use only channel 1 for the moment, so i connect the ground pin, to the arduino ground. Is this the correct thing, or do I have to do something else. someone mentioned grounding under the board, but i cant find something to get connected to

  • hello there, can somebody advice me on how to connect this with an arduino. I've read the datasheet, but it refers to the chip and not the board. They don't actually share the same labels.

    the quadstep has 4x EN/SLP/RST/MS3/MS2/MS1/DIR/STP/

    and VOUT/GND (i guess these are VCC and GND from arduino. if so, GND must be connected with the steppers power supply GND under the board. correct?)

    and it also has a "BUS" line of pins labeled: STP/EN1/EN2/VOUT/GND/EN3/EN4/DIR

    i don't get how it has to be connected, what the BUS line stands for, and if I have to use potensiometers as the datasheet says.

    and one more question. Is there a library to use the driver with UNO? and how do I set the "reset" state? thanks in advance

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