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  • I don't think the compiler matters much because I am not an open source idealist, as long as the compiler is unrestricted that is fine. See my post below about this as well...
    The focus on using Eagle in the community is a very very bad thing.

  • Open hardware shouldn't be done using Eagle. By using 'free' Eagle you aren't in principle allowed to 'sell' it so you can't really license it however you want.
    Sparkfun needs to move away from Eagle:
    "If you earn (or save) money by using the Freeware version of EAGLE Light, you have to register it."
    Sparkfun states the goal of open hardware is:
    "If a product is open source, it basically means you are free to take it, change it, and sell it for a profit"
    Well you can do everything but the last one with Eagle free.
    Everyone would be much better off if the effort of the community was put behind something truly non-commercial like KiCAD or gEDA [I use the former]. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with free Eagle for hobby use, the more and more the community supports it the more and more you are pushing uses to use something that is not free when they outgrow its basic features.

  • I disagree that it is an effective test of server load. More data would be gathered if you had a load just near the breaking point and not over, though it does appear they learned how to break it less badly than last year. Just my thoughts...

  • I agree and disagree. Clearly you shouldn't be mad a someone who is trying there best to give stuff away. However, free day isn't free. It depends on how you value your time/frustration level.
    It would be silly for SFE to have enough server capacity that this kind of thing didn't result in a DOS. However, I feel like they should construct the give away such that is doesn't result in something they are totally unable to handle. Getting though during a DOS is almost random, there are lots of ways you could randomly give people store credit, that might be a better use of their customer's time.
    For what is is worth this year was better with basically one click for the code. Last year with shopping at the time was way worse.
    One random idea would be to on the home page assign a ticket (random number like the promo code), then you have 1 week to use your ticket to take the quiz or take the cash. That requires 1 page load, still generates a traffic spike etc if that is what they want and lets people actually take the quiz. I didn't take the quiz because I knew it would likely be several hours of my time.
    There are a multitude of other ways to approach this also but it depends on SFE's objectives. At least part of the objective is to get people to decide they want items SFE sells.

  • If you look at the datasheet you will find the clock tree for these devices. The 8 MHz is just a stable reference for the PLL, you can take the master CPU clock from the PLL, which is okay to run up to 72 MHz.

  • Let me also add that the margin on this design is way lower than Arduino... The uC is about 20 dollars in units of 1. This basically makes hobbyist knock offs harder to undercut them. (10 bucks for 1000).
    I should also like to remark that the use of ARM7TDMI is interesting, I feel like M3 has superseded it completely...

  • I would say the plus version of this is going to be rather comprehensive for 80% of hobby applications, the price currently looks like 60 dollars for Ethernet (lwIP), SD card (Fat FS from MS), with C# ease of programming. It is going to be rather robust for most uses I would think.
    The one item I don't like about this concept is that although it is open source, the transition for hobbyist to a bare metal design will be much harder. From a business prospective that is good, you won't just stop using these boards and put an AVR in a breadboard... From a development of skills prospective it isn't as good. This approach represents the throw more horse power at the problem that has come to define most designs today.

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