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  • The information seems vague on what exactly is available on the unit without adding blocks but I can appreciate having Bluetooth and Wifi built-in and to me these are more useful than USB, SD, video, audio, Ethernet, etc that Raspberry Pi offers. Usually I want little devices without any wires at all connected and I hate having a bunch of stupid, buggy, dongles attached. I think having the GPIO on-board would have made a lot of sense though as would having an all-in-one block to add all common ports to the unit. Although if they offered a wireless GPIO block that could make use of the Bluetooth that could open up interesting ideas.

  • I wish we could see a FPGA that could be programmed in a OS neutral way as usually I can't even use MacOS without a lot of hassle and I'd like to be able to program it directly from my iPad.

    That and I'd like to see a Raspberry Pi with on-board FPGA.

  • I have a project outside my norm and need to push 5V DC @ 26A from the power supply. Any idea what the ampacity of this wire is or how to figure out the best wire to use?

  • If only it had on-board FPGA it'd be awesome.

  • Any chance you could offer a 3.5mm TRRS plug and jack similar to what some phones (iPhone and others) use?